Carson has seen men suffer and heal across agespan and culture. He has learned that from the toughest soldier to the mildest teenager, we are all vulnerable to system shutdown or overwhelm – forces we often call depression, anxiety and trauma. What became clear to him was how these energies block happiness, satisfying relationships, spiritual fulfillment and sexuality. They can also make the world seem smaller and addictive tendencies become stronger as our thoughts and feelings spiral out of control.

With this in mind, Carson has helped hundreds of men through Thrive, the Veterans Transition Network and Family Services of Greater Vancouver to enhance their lives. He promises respect, compassion and non-judgment alongside Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness and his original approach to strategic wellness coaching.

Carson’s published research with the American Journal of Men’s Health and film production with McGill University tackle how we can best help men to change their lives. For this and his other projects he has been funded by the Government of Canada, Movember Canada and the University of British Columbia.