Dr. David Kuhl is a UBC Professor in the Faculty of Medicine in the Departments of Family Practice and Urologic Sciences, with a cross appointment in the Faculty of Education. Integrating medicine, psychology and the social sciences is fundamental to his world view and his work as a clinician. This is evident in the programs he has founded, including the Palliative Care Program at St. Paul’s Hospital, the Veterans Transition Program (VTP), and the Centre for Practitioner Renewal (CPR). Each of these unique programs has informed his commitment to creating The Men’s Initiative (TMI), an endeavour to enhance the integrity and well-being of men for the benefit of their families, communities and the globe. Through it’s efforts TMI will provide service, research, education and policy development addressing the needs of men who protect us (e.g. first responders), who entertain us (e.g. professional athletes), who lead us, and those who experience transitions (e.g. men with prostate cancer).