Collaboration Primer

This award-winning collaboration primer is a hands-on resource for organizations seeking concrete methods to create sustainable partnerships. This resource is based on the literature focusing on inter-agency collaboration and the experiences of a multi-stakeholder partnership for health promotion.

Contact! Unload

Contact! Unload is a play co-developed by Veterans telling the story of soldiers as they transition back to civilian life. This theatre production has played throughout Canada and the UK, and was featured at the 2017 Invictus Games.

Dads in Gear

Dads in Gear is an innovative 8 week program integrating three components – tobacco reduction, fathering and healthy living (i.e., exercise and healthy eating) that mobilizes men’s positive relations and fathering to prevent cardiovascular disease, as well as enhance the health of families through reduced tobacco exposure.

Dads in Gear Indigenous

Dads in Gear Indigenous is a novel, evidence-based program for Indigenous fathers and grandfathers who want to be healthy and smoke-free role models for their families. Informed by elders and Indigenous experts and fathers, the 10 week group program uses an integrated, strength-based approach to support smoking cessation, fathering and physical activity.

The DUDES Club

The DUDES Club provides events and activities that focus on the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of wellness in men. The focus is on connecting men with health care professionals and other support services, as well as instilling a sense of solidarity and empowerment within the community.

The DUDES Club
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This free program is for guys who want to be more active, eat healthier, and get connected with their favorite hockey team. Currently the HAT TRICK pilot is running in the Okanagan Valley with the WHL’s Kelowna Rockets, but we are expanding soon.


Better starts here. HeadsUpGuys is a non-profit campaign and website that features strategies for managing and preventing depression in men, as well as a depression self-check survey.

If I Were Tom

Tom is dealing with prostrate cancer. The waiting. The treatments. The side effects. What would you do in his place? If I Were Tom is an interactive video drama that follows Tom and his experiences with prostate cancer. The website also provides advice, tips, and resources on a range of prostate cancer related topics.

Man Island

The Man Island project is an Australian first; a team of mental health researchers working together to find out what men like, dislike, and think in order to improve counselling for male depression.

Man-Up Against Suicide

By sharing photographs and narratives from individuals affected by male suicide, Man-Up Against Suicide breaks the silence and stimulates much-needed conversations about targeted male suicide prevention in Canada.

Men's Sheds Canada

Getting things done, together. The Canadian Men’s Sheds Association is a peer-run group that aims to build relationships between Canadian sheds, help new ones get started, and raise awareness of sheds. Sheds are modern, shared versions of the home workshops that have long been part of the Canadian way of life.

Men's Sheds Canada
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Prostate Cancer PD

Exercise is an effective medicine that can be prescribed to counteract the negative effects caused by prostate cancer treatments. But most men with prostate cancer don’t exercise and many health professionals and exercise specialists don’t know how to prescribe exercise to these men. Prostate Cancer PD) is a short professional development course that is based on the latest scientific evidence and extensive clinical experience in delivering best practice care to men with prostate cancer.


The POWERPLAY Program is an award-winning evidence-based workplace wellness program for men that offers unique resources to support healthy and active lifestyles.

QuitNow Men

Created in collaboration with over a hundred men who smoke but want to quit, QuitNow Men is a unique website and toolkit designed to assit men in their efforts to reduce and quit smoking.

Still Here

Suicide is preventable, but homophobia and stigma surrounding mental illness prevents many gay and bisexual men from seeking help and support. Still Here is a photo project featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and Two-Spirit (LGBTQ2S) individuals affected by suicide. The aim of the project is to break the silence around suicide, starting much-needed conversation about the need for targeted suicide prevention programs for LGBTQ2S communities, and lobbying policies.

Still Here
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