Steve worked in the NHS as a nurse and health visitor for over twenty years before commencing a career in research. His main interests and publications are around social theories of masculinity and their application to public health and health promotion. He has extensive experience evaluating a range of men’s health promotion interventions. He recently completed several commissions for Movember exploring the evidence about what works for men in terms of promoting mental wellbeing and the role of ‘masculinity’ in men’s mental wellbeing. He is currently involved in an evaluation of work taking a ‘positive deviance’ approach to working with fathers in areas of multiple disadvantage. Steve has over 60 peer reviewed publications in the field and wrote what became a seminal text, ‘Understanding Men and Health’, in 2007. He has worked with fellow academics, policy makers and practitioners from Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe and has acted as a consultant on gender and men’s health to the UK Department of Health and to WHO (Europe). He is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Men’s Health and Editorial Board Member of the American Journal of Men’s Health.