What do we know about how men’s mental health challenges impact their intimate relationships? Does this differ for different men across their lifespan?

We are beginning to better appreciate now more than ever that mental health or mental ill health can pose challenges for men at all different stages across the lifespan. While it may take different forms and men may be diagnosed in different ways, there are issues for young adults right through to the later stages of life. We know that relationships provide a really strong supportive network for men. However men can also suffer as a result of or feel the strain of mental ill health and relationships.

We know the last few years have brought issues of mental health to the forefront; people are talking about it a lot more openly and willingly now than perhaps previously. Some people in relationships feel that mental health is one of the greatest pressures affecting their relationship. With the huge numbers of people that are reporting mental health challenges, these strains can present themselves and can ultimately lead to relationship breakdown. 

Even before you get to relationship breakdown, there can be indicators of stressed relationships; like lack of communication or poor communication and lack of support. These can potentially lead to far greater consequences like turning to forms of addiction and violence. This really brings to the fore just how important it is that we keep the conversation on men’s mental health and relationships going.

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