We’ve talked to men about how they build intimate partner relationships, and how the way in which they build their relationships can promote men’s wellbeing and their partners’ and families’ health. Based on the findings, an online photo exhibition was created to chronicle the connections between masculinities and men’s intimate partner relationships with an emphasis on equitable and sustainable partnerships.

The research team recruited 110 men worldwide to participate in a photovoice study, in which men submitted their own photographs to illustrate their experiences and perspectives. Among the 714 photographs we received from them, 120 photographs depicting Domestic Work, Intimacy, Communication, Activities, and Values are featured in this online photo exhibition. Through 6 focus groups, 53 of the participants voted on the top 30 photographs they felt should be included in the exhibition. The top voted 30 photographs are highlighted in the ‘Top 30 Photos’ gallery!

While you ‘walk through’ the photographs and captions, we encourage you to reflect on some concepts that are central to the MBIPR project: gender equality, gender equity, relationship building, and expressing and reading emotions. Please feel free to interact with the photographs by: adding an emoji, leaving a comment, responding to comments left by other viewers, and/or submitting and captioning your own photographs to share your experiences and perspectives regarding intimate partner relationships.

How to Interact with the Photo Exhibition

We’re not only highlighting our research outcomes, we’re also inviting input from visitors about how they see themselves — and how they build gender equity in their intimate partner relationships.”

  1. Explore our 2D Galleries based on the themes: Domestic Work, Intimacy, Communication, Activities, and Values
  2. Leave a reaction and comment on each photo
  3. For an immersive experience, explore the 120 photographs through a 3D Gallery
  4. Learn about the 3 Types of Masculinities found in intimate partner relationships, and take a take a quiz to decide which images fit with each masculinity
  5. Let us know which masculinity YOU might be!