In early September 2020, we had gradually unveiled our new branding on social media which included a refreshed logo. Our goal in this visual identity transformation was to convey the rich and complex lives of men. We aim to continue sharing relevant resources, connecting you to our work and making information more accessible. This new chapter also intends to capture diversity, resiliency and inclusion in our visual identity (including diversity of age, race, sexuality) to reflect the breadth of the work we engage in.

Who are we?

Men’s Health Research (MHR) Program at the University of British Columbia explores gendered dimensions of men’s health practices and illness management, which is key to understanding the complex interplay of masculinities and other social determinants of health. MHR offers a suite of gender-sensitized community and web-based interventions addressing men’s depression and suicide, tobacco reduction and smoking cessation in fathers and men, and psychosocial prostate cancer care.

What does our logo mean to us?

The four parts that form the M represents the four initial focus areas of the Men’s Health Research (MHR) Program: mental health, smoking cessation, prostate cancer, and men’s health

promotion. The shape captures the essence of our previous logo where it also symbolizes the mountains that characterizes the geography of where MHR is based at in British Columbia, Canada. To keep things fresh, you will see a change in the gradients of the logo every season (we are going to keep the seasonal gradients a surprise). The accent colors in the gradients acknowledge the changes and adjustments we all make as seasons, weather and routines change.

We are excited to continue connecting with the community at large – both local and international. If you have future content ideas you would like to see more of from us or would like to collaborate please Communication & Design Assistant, Evonne Tran.