We work to maintain partnerships with organizations that support men’s health and their well being across the globe.
Our hope in sharing these resources is to amplify and enable access to initiative create by others.

Mental Health

HeadsUpGuys is an online resource that supports men in their fight against depression by providing tips, tools, information about professional services, and stories of success.

Mental Health




Dad Central
is about finding and creating a place for all dads. They are a national network of researchers, practitioners, leaders, community members, and passionate supporters who believe there is an urgent need for fathers to be actively engaged in the lives of their children.


The research backed programs have been helping CAF and RCMP men and women across Canada, actively serving or retired, to overcome difficulties commonly faced when transitioning out of service. 

Workplace Wellness Program




Powerplay is a new evidence-based workplace wellness program for men that offers unique resources to support healthy and active lifestyles.

Health and wellness program


DUDES Club provides space to facilitate a participant-led community for men’s health and wellness.



Next Gen Men is a small-but-mighty Canadian nonprofit whose work is dedicated to one really ambitious thing—to change how the world sees, acts and thinks about masculinity.



QuitNow Men is an online resource tailored for men that provides strategies, tools and actions dedicated around quitting smoking.

Health Promotion



Dads in Gear is a program for men who want to be involved, healthy, and smoke-free dads.


Men in Mind is a world-first, online professional training program for therapists. It aims to increase therapists’ skills and confidence to engage, connect with, and respond more effectively to male clients.

support group


The Canadian Men’s Sheds Association is a peer-run group that aims to build relationships between Canadian sheds, help new ones get started, and raise awareness about the friendly, inclusive, and creative spaces that sheds can offer.


If I Were Tom is a project of Prostate Cancer Foundation BC and intended to provide resources through men’s prostate cancer journey.

health promotion program

HAT TRICK is a free program for guys who want to be more active, eat healthier, and get connected with their favorite hockey team. It focuses on small and simple lifestyle changes that can have huge benefits for your health. No athletic ability required!

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