UBC Men's Health Research Program

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Our Research Areas

Reducing Male Suicide

 The internationally-based Reducing Male Suicide (RMS) emergent team will address men’s mental health inequities, optimize men’s mental health help-seeking experiences, and equip community-based and professional mental health care services to expertly evaluate and treat men’s mental illnesses and suicidality through 3 themes.

Men Building Better Relationships

The Men’s Health Research program has recently wrapped up recruiting participants for a new study to learn about supporting men who have experienced or are experiencing relationship breakdown (i.e., divorce, separation or break up). The project is titled Men Building Better Relationships and is being conducted by Dr. John Oliffe at the University of British Columbia. 

Recent Posts

Paul Sharp joins the Men’s Health Research Program as a Post-doc

Paul Sharp joins the Men’s Health Research Program as a Post-doc

We are excited to be sharing that Paul Sharp will be joining the Men's Health Research Program as a Postdoctoral fellow this summer and had the pleasure to interview him to learn more about his work, research interests and more!  "...it is my hope that this research...

World Cancer Day 2021

World Cancer Day 2021

  February 4 marks World Cancer Day! An international day dedicated to raising awareness of cancer and to encourage health promotion practices around prevention, detection and treatment. This day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) with a...

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