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We focus on masculinities as it influences men’s health behaviours and illness management, and its impact on partners, families and overall life quality.
Findings from our research inform men’s health interventions and offer guidance to clinicians and researchers to advance men’s health promotion.

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Masculinities and men’s emotions in and after intimate partner relationships

Men’s emotions in intimate partner relationships have received little research attention. Through our research study we aimed to find how...

How do mental health challenges impact men’s intimate relationships?

What do we know about how men's mental health challenges impact their intimate relationships? Does this differ for different men across their...

Men Building Intimate Partner Relationships

The Men Building Intimate Partner Relationships study aims to create space for men to share their strategies and skills for building and sustaining intimate partner relationships. These collected insights will help us create messages, and mentor other men to become ready and skilled at sustaining their relationships.

Men’s experiences with break-ups

Many men shied away from sharing their true feelings and opinions with their partners for fear of conflict and/or the relationship ending. 50% of relationship break-ups were initiated by men’s partners. Men in distressed relationships, denied or monitored their emotions rather than acting on what they felt. 92% of men talked to friends and/or family when they needed help. After a break-up, most men reconnected with aspects of themselves they had given up during their relationships.

MHR welcomes Calvin Fernandez

UBC Men’s Health Research Program welcomes PhD candidate Calvin Fernandez who will be contributing to the Men Building Intimate Partner...

Featured projects

Reducing Male Suicide Research Excellence Cluster

Addressing men’s mental health inequities, optimizing health help-seeking experiences, and equipping mental-health care services.

Men Building Intimate Partner Relationships

Now recruiting: An international study on men’s perceptions on and experiences with building intimate partner relationships. 

If I Were Tom - an interactive video drama

Following Tom and his experiences with prostate cancer. The website also provides advice, tips, and resources on a range of prostate cancer related topics.

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